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So many out there have a fascination with witchcraft and they want to begin, but the process of googling information about where to begin and what to do to go deeper in the path of witchcraft can be a confusing task. My aim here is to be a guide for you in your witchy path. My aim isn't to do the witchcraft for you... it's your path to empowerment in your craft. My aim is to be a guide to empowering you in your own craft. There are many routes out there one could take. Some are guided to working with Gods and Goddesses or other entities, some are guided to ancestors, some avoid entities all together and go forth along their path without higher powers... everyone in their path in unique and that's why the path of the witch can be so confusing to begin and to even walk on. At times even for seasoned witches it can be confusing and frustrating. We are human and our emotions can get in the way at times. I aim to be your outside perspective to work with you on attaining the clarity you seek in your path. Please note if you're looking to manipulate others and to curse people then I am not the guide for you. It is my personal belief that you get back what you give out. So treat everything you do with that in mind, what goes around comes around. However, I am not talking about protecting ones self and loved ones. I am talking about those who want more evil make someone do something type of witchcraft. This isn't for you. This is for the serious people out there looking to make the path of the witch a long lasting journey for their life to bring themselves enlightenment so they can go forth and be a light unto others. 

What You Get: 

)O( Guidance & Coaching: 

We can discuss ways to make your spells stronger or if you're concerned about which spells to cast. This is particularly good for those who maybe don't have anyone in their life to talk to about witchy stuff, and they might need advice. We can work through any blocks, fears, concerns, or doubts that you might have in your castings. You will get my contact information and be able to reach out to me whenever you may need.

)O( Psychic Guidance:
 I'll be there if you're inquiring about something we can discuss it and try to get you some clarity. Plus we could discuss possible casting solutions that you could do to help the situation. This can help to empower you to be stronger in your craft.

)O( Deity Channelings:
Get a channeled message from whatever deity (or deity group) you desire. This will be sent every weekday. The messages may contain information about your life, your craft, spiritual or physical info, etc. It will be whatever they with to bring through for you.


)O( Secret Sigils: This is a hidden page on my website where I update it each month with a new sigil to use throughout the month if you desire. You can use it during meditation, in rituals or castings, etc. They're all channeled by me from the Deities/Guardians of Humanity. Past Sigils will be listed too. There is also information on the page for how to use the sigil, and a bit of information about that months sigil. Such as the name, uses, how it can benefit you, etc. 

Price Per Month:

$100 Monthly

Payment methods will be discussed after you will the form out below and I will contact you. From there we will discuss payment methods. If you need to do payments then that can be arranged let me know and we will work it out. 

The following are ways we can communicate with one another after you have signed up.

Text (Usa)

Email (international)

Google Hangouts (International)

Facebook Messenger ( International)

Instagram Direct Messages ( International) 

Messages will be sent out every weekday. I reserve Weekends for cleansing off days, but if on any weekend you really need someone to talk to, I will respond as my aim is to be there for you as your Spiritual Guide.

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