Who Is SecretMae

 I am SecretMae... Also known around the web as AnunnaMelody, AstralMelody, AscendedMelody... or simply Melody. I am an Intuitive Guide who loves assisting people. I am a very eclectic person. If I had to label myself I would use the term Pagan or Gnostic. In my journey through life I have found that there is always more to learn. There is always more to know. That has been a theme for my in my journey through my life so far. As apart of that mission my aim is to share my journey, assist people along the way in whatever way I might be able to, and stay attuned with my soul path. Please Join Me!! 





What can I say about myself? Let's begin with some basics. I make jewelry and handcrafted items. You can find those in my ErsetuGems Shop. I am also on Youtube, I talk about spiritual topics and share my life journey on there. I love many hobbies like writing, reading, drawing, painting, etc. I am highly into Theology and many things esoteric and gnostic. I love learning about 

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ancient teachings. I love to embrace my imagination, because it can be the doorway to increasing intuition. In my life through all the ups and downs it has led me to learn great lessons. I am very into Theology and I adore reading ancient teachings. This includes the bibles of different belief systems and more ancient fragmented texts such as those of Sumeria. 

        All my life I have sensed things, and as a child and teenager I had a hard time dealing with it all. I would experience what I now know is Empathic Abilities that were very strong. It was almost emotionally crippling in school settings. I didn't have anyone to teach me the spiritual things that would have strengthened me. So I had to forge my own way and figure it out seemingly on my own. But I have always been divinely guided by who I call my Divine Family. This would be my Soul Team, Spirit Guides, and the Divine Guardians of Earth. I've always felt their guiding loving presence in my life, and that has always been a true blessing to feel. In my childhood years and teenage years I now know what it was that I went through, and that was spiritual awareness. I was becoming aware of the energy around people, places, things, etc. I was sensing things others didn't seem to pick up on. But remember, I had nobody to teach me. I grew up in a time when home computers were still a new thing, so googling wasn't an option. I had to learn how to get through that mostly on my own. Believe me, I thought I was a lunatic for a while... This caused me a lot of depression. It took a lot of emotional ups and downs. I am not one to name different "abilities" I have tapped into. I don't see a need to put all that out there. If you're curious ask me via the Contact Me page and we can discuss it. I will say that one of my strongest ones is being Empathic.

          Also I have always loved to write. I remember being close to three years old with paper in front of me and a writing utensil in my hand. I was scribbling on that blank white paper, and my urge to fill the white with something was outstanding. I would ask my mother if I had created any words. As I grew older I found new hobbies and things I liked to do. However, the love I felt for writing was and still is a part of me. Everyone who knows me can tell you I hardly leave my home without a notebook. I also love to read. The written word is amazing. It is so powerful in my opinion. It is near magic how a book can transport you to another place. 

          I adore cats, but also love all animals and nature. I adore spending time in nature. I am drawn to the water, which is appropriate because Cancer is my Sun Sign, Gemini is my Moon Sign. I live on the East Coast of the United States along the beaches and I am close with my family. Poetry is a passion of mine as well, and I love all types of poetry. I have published one book so far titled Heartmine Destiny. I am very proud of it. Although being a professional author is a dream worth achieving, my love for writing is much more than money. It is about the feeling that is created and makes one feel free. It is about dreaming the thoughts and putting them on paper. It is about story telling that reaches back centuries. I tend to be a deep thinker and highly curious. I believe in ancient powerful deities whom are the Anunna Gods. I believe everything stems back to them, and it is to them which I feel home.


      Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you want to correspond with me then you can reach me through the Contact Me page. 

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