Crescent Moon

Ascension Assistance

Ascend to higher levels of self awareness, connection with your spirit and intuition. Work with me to aid in your Spiritual Ascension.

Enchantment Assistance 

Enlist me to do a ritual for you or to help you with your own enchantments, castings, and spiritual rituals. 

Witches Empowerment

Enlist guidance from me along your path of going deeper into your witchy path. Whatever type of witchcraft you adhere to, it is my aim to be a guide to empowering you in your craft. 



I'm Melody and I have decided to offer these Pathworking Services because I am very passionate about spiritual topics. I take these things very seriously, and even as a young child I was into topics that others maybe found strange. I remember one time as a teenager being in a flee market and a man who was selling mystical things stopped me and looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I was connected to otherworldly things. That was one of a few times when I had confirmation that I needed to continue onward with my spiritual learning. I have researched into many different beliefs and practices, those seen as both lighter and darker. I have been offering spiritual services publicly since 2013. Before then I mainly focused on myself or close trusted loved ones. I am in a stage in my life where I am trying to be authentic to who I feel I am, both light and dark, Illuminated and Shadowed aspects. I wanted to explain a little about myself here. There is more on my About Me page.

One question you might ask if you're considering some of my pathworking services is, why should I trust you Melody? Well, I cannot force you to trust me, and there is nothing I can say to make you trust me. All I can do is display who I am in honesty and hope that those who vibe with me are guided to me. I would say look within and seek your own intuitive guidance on whether or not I am someone you vibe with. If not, then I wish you the best of luck in your journey. If so, well then please feel free to Contact Me with any questions you might have about myself, my services, or whatever inquiries you may want to know. 


I hope to work with you one on one. My aim here is to make this affordable for people, but also to be able to help myself get by in this world. One thing I can honestly say, if it wasn't for money... yes I would still be doing this work. I love it, and I have no desires to do anything else. I try to be as genuine as possible. I am a down to earth person with my head up in the clouds at times. I do not know it all. I am not an angelic guru here to make you think I am perfect. I am not perfect. I am beautifully flawed just like we all are. My goal for my life is to learn from both my light side and my dark side, and whenever possible to share my intuitive spiritual awareness with those who are led to me. So if you vibe with that, and are interested in any of my Pathworking Services, please hit me up and we can get started.