Prayer Circle

This Prayer Circle is not just for one faith, it is a place for all. It had been started to share our prayers to whatever Gods or Goddesses you honor and worship and to get a circle of people to help us in our prayers. This page is meant to be a space of peace and love to all who enter. The goal for this Pagan Prayer Circle is to keep it a judgement free zone for all who enter. Our aim is to let the higher powers hear our calls and in our quest to support one another.


How To Submit Your Prayer

Please use the following layout to submit your prayers, and leave your prayer in the comments section of this page. The comment submission area is below all of the prayers. While you're scrolling to get to the submission area please take a moment to pray for some of those who have already posted. You can submit as many prayers as you want. You can come back monthly, weekly, daily, or whenever if you feel you want to share a prayer with the circle. 


  • State your name

  • State your region (Country, State, etc)

  • State whatever God(s) or Goddess(es) you're targeting your prayer towards

  • State your prayer in as much detail as you want.



When you leave a prayer please scroll through some of the existing prayers and send those people and their prayers positive energy by saying a prayer for them. Please no hate for anyone's prayers. No Bashing. No Spam. To block down on spam I will approve all prayers. This is only so that I can filter out any spam or hate comments. Be honest and true in your prayers. Please do not use this area as a wish list to the Gods. Be serious in your prayer submissions. Others who enter and submit will be praying for you. I send this page much love and energy as a beacon to all who enter. May each of your prayers be manifested and heard. Please remember to scroll through some of the other prayers before or after submitting yours so that we can make this a large Pagan Prayer Circle!! 


Crescent Moon