Winter Witchcraft - A Few Basic Spells

Winter Witchcraft

The winter season can be a harsh time of the year, and there is no reason for me to explain the reasons why because anyone who knows what snow is knows how it can be treacherous. The icy roads, the colds, frozen pipes, etc. But what if you're a witch who follows the Wiccan or Pagan paths? It can seem that your options are limited during the winter seasons when it comes to connecting with nature. Especially if you're like me. I enjoy doing my spells and rituals outside. That way you need less supplies, and I feel they work much more stronger. But not all is lost. I want to share with you all some spells which is doable in winter weather. 

Protection During Winter Weather

This is for protection during the snowy season. This can be for multiple reasons, and you can focus it in stray animals and those who are homeless as well. 

A pinch of each of the following:

Ground Pepper or Peppercorns




Place the peppercorn in a bowl saying and visualizing"I charge you with protection" Place the salt in saying "I charge you with stability" Place the cayenne pepper in saying  "I charge you with warmth." Place the ginger in saying  "I charge you with protection" Place the cloves in saying  "I charge you with protection." Mix the assembled spices and salt and visualize yourself and/or others having a safe health, guarded time. Now if you prefer you can transfer the herbs to the center of a small cloth. Fold in half and in half again and sew up the ends. If you happen to have a little corked bottle then place your mixture in that and sit in your home if for yourself or outside if for stray animals or those who're homeless. You also have the option to take the charged mixture and throw it up in the air on a windy day. This will release the spell's intention out into the universe. This one is my favorite to do.   Gain Energy This is to help you gain energy. The winter time can be a draining time of the year due to the cold and the gloomy clouds during snow days. Also if you're one who enjoys the warmer months, you will likely have less energy in the colder months. So this will be able to help those who feel that, or simply if you have a lazy day and want some more energy. This can also be used to give yourself more mental energy to get physical work done or to do spiritual work such as meditation.  There is no requirement for any materials. This spell is strictly focused on the mind. Go outside or to an open window when the wind is blowing. Be sure to bundle up if its really cold. When the wind is blowing in your face breath in through your nose and hold it for at least five seconds with your eyes closed. If you can hold it longer then do so, but only long enough to where it is comfortable. You don't want to feel uncomfortable during this so not too long. So breath in through your nose, hold it, and then let it out through your mouth. You'll want to do this at least 20 times. I know that sounds like a long time, but you'll realize how soothing  it is and not even mind. When you're done with the breathing exercise keep your eyes closed and repeat the following phase at least 5 times. This can either be within your mind or out loud. As long as you feel the words within your soul it doesn't matter if its verbal or not. "I take into me the power of energy."

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