Who Are The Divine Council?

Who is the Divine Assembly?

Divine Council, or Divine Assemble, is an assembly of highly divine ascended beings, from higher planes of existence, to connect with humanity in love, harmony, wisdom, guidance, and assistance. These are a group of very ancient entities that have been known throughout human history commonly as different deities in various pantheons. They have taken on many titles over the years, but they're here as divine messengers of light to aid the inhabitants of earth. Notice I say not just humans, they're here to guide all inhabitants of earth, this includes all animals who call this world home. They have been present with us throughout the good and the bad, and they have set humanity as overseers of earth since the dawn of humanity. They're here to watch over us and to be sure we're growing and being good overseers to the earth and all its inhabitants.

They can give messages to humans who open themselves up to receiving the divine energies for channeling. You will see channeled messages from the Divine Assembly or other Councils of Light that are in affiliation with the Divine Assembly here. Please note that we channel based off of our own journey with the divine ones. We try to be authentic in our channelings to the information that comes through, and we try to be open to both positive messages and warnings from the Divine Assembly. If you'd like to see a list of channelings we have done please click here.

The concept of a divine assembly (or council) is attested in the archaic Sumerian, Akkadian, Old Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Canaanite, Israelite, Celtic, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman and Nordic pantheons. Ancient Egyptian literature reveals the existence of a "synod of the gods". Some of our most complete descriptions of the activities of the divine assembly are found in the literature from Mesopotamia. Their assembly of the gods, headed by the high god Anu, would meet to address various concerns. The term used in Sumerian to describe this concept was Ukkin, and in later Akkadian and Aramaic was puhru.

Concept of a Divine Council or Assembly of Gods can be found all throughout many mythologies. Please see some examples below.

Archaic Sumerian

One of the first records of a divine council appears in the Lament for Ur, where the pantheon of Annunaki is led by An with Ninhursag and Enlil also appearing as prominent members.