What's Ahead Three Card Spread - Black Moon Astrology Oracle - 01/12/2022

I really do love this deck... I've been using it a lot lately. These three cards right here was first meant just for me, but I thought the message might be good for others too. So I thought I would share it here. I may share more of these whenever I do random pulls, because I know messages can apply to many people. So I hope you enjoy.

Void Of Course Moon - Missing

All is not as it seems. This void of course moon card can be daunting; it may not be a good or appropriate time to answer a specific question. As it is now, the results may not be what you want. What is a void of course moon? The moon travels through the entire zodiac in 27 and a half days. There is a moment when the moon makes its last major aspect before leaving one sign and entering the next. It's as if the moon has gone to sleep. Her wisdom is being withheld until she moves into a new sign and the moon begins a new chapter or story. This card says to sit still and stay as you are. Take no action at the current time. Wait for the storm to pass over. It is time to be patient and allow matters to settle before beginning anew. Allow this matter to resolve on its own without your help, work, or interference. Don't bail anyone out or make loads currently because it is unlikely you will be repaid. After a long and costly effort, your matter in question may fail. People around you may start behaving like screwups. It could be that great passions are playing against you. Discipline is needed. It is not a time to act impulsively. Whatever you do as your routine will stay as it is. However, matters that are unplanned or spontaneous will tend to work out for you. A void of course moon can be used to your benefit, so keep this in mind when this card shows up. For instance you can work on something you really don't want. You can interact with people you don't really want to become a fixture in your life. Embarking on anything new or untried will tend to go wrong. In other words, when the void of course moon card shows, if you agree to plans you don't really want to come about, then it will be very likely they will not come about. However, meditation and any type of psychic or spiritual efforts will work out better when the void of course moon card turns up. It's a good time to dream and even make plans; just do not act on them yet as the time is not yet ripe.

Sixth House - Routine

You must change your usual way of looking at things. The sixth house is ruled by the mutable sign Virgo and the planet Mercury. In the horoscope it is the area of routine and everyday life. It is not so much a dazzling place as it has to do with the ordinary. It also rules the body and specifically your health. This is about duty, responsibility, and gainful employment. It shows how hard you work, how organized you are, how much you worry, and what you do on a daily basis. This is why it is also looked upon as the house of the job. When this card shows, a job change is possible. When this card shows your health is important to consider. This could be emotionally or physically. Be mindful of those areas moving forward. This card has everything to do with routine and what you do regularly, you may experience changes and disruptions in your schedule. It would also be to your benefit to become as organized as you can since at this time any type of disorganization could defeat your plans. It is time to pay attention to the small particulars, rather then the larger picture. You may find yourself worrying over little matters, which is exhausting. It's important to be analytical in your endeavors or they may come unraveled and not turn out in the ideal way you want. Perfection is not necessary to succeed. Completing what you want to start is more important. However, the sixth house card does suggest you insist on quality and usefulness. You may find yourself critical at this time or others will seem to be critical of you. You may want to clear up or correct matters which may have become unhinged or are at least off track. Efficiency and doing the right thing at the right time will serve you in the coming days. This is probably not an easy time because it is not meant to be. For something to really serve you in the best way possible, with the outcome you're wanting, you will have to go step by step with patience. It's not likely to happen fast. But whatever you manage to accomplish will stick and serve you well