Tree Magic Spells

Tree Magic Spells

Trees have been closely associated with magic for centuries. These beautiful members of the earth stand for thousands of years and can offer much to us. They tower above the mortal realm, and as such they are symbols and keepers of unlimited power. Trees offer so much to us, and it's a shame how many forests are being cut down for our own selfish needs. But it is within each of us to keep know knowledge alive. The trees with which you cultivate magical relationships are things to be treasured. Be sure to visit them often, even when you have no magic to preform. When you can arrive at the point when you accept the trees as friends, you have achieved a powerful bond between yourself, the Earth, and even the beyond!! 

To Break A Bad Habit

Make a picture of yourself or the bad habit on a leaf or piece of bark. Take it to a tree and bury it at its roots. Place an offering to the tree in the hole with the leaf or bark and cover it up. The offering should be something beneficial to the tree. Think about some natural fertilizers like fruit and vegetable extras or even a stone. Pour some water onto the spot and leave it to begin to manifest. 

To Regain Lost Energy

Sit with your back pressed against the tree trunk and let the tree's limitless energy flow into you. This is extremely good if you have been walking or hiking for long distances or if you feel a bit sick. This is also a wonderful tip to help boost immune systems. 

To Divine The Future

Lay under a leafy tree and relax while gazing up into the ever shifting canopy of green above you. Watch the random patterns forming by the win's gentle lifting and pushing of the leaves. This should drowse you to a state where you open up psychically and receive messages concerning questions you have. 

A Tree Love Spell

On a small leaf make an image of yourself. This could be your name or a symbol relating to you. On another make an image of the type of person you wish to meet. Again this could be traits you're looking for in someone else or the symbols associating with what you want. Traditionally this spell requires you to take a green thread and sea the two leaves together so the images are facing one another. However, I feel this is unnecessary as long as you keep the leaves touching one another. Next you'll want to go to a tree that emits a loving vibration and find a natural crevice or hole in the tree, but do not make one!! If no crevices are available, perhaps the place where a branch is joined to the trunk can be used, as long as it's secure. Lodge the leaves firmly into the crevice and say the following as you do.