Soul Origins Intuitive Reading Excerpt

This was a reading I did for a client of mine in March 2022, and some of the information that came through I thought might be good to share with others. So with this client's permission I am going to share some of what came through in the reading. I hope this finds whoever it needs and somehow brings enlightenment and/or clarity to you. If you would like to purchase a reading with me please visit the Services page of this website.

Where was my soul originally created?

In a plane of existence much higher then creation as we know it here. It was created above all that we know there in this creation. One might word this as your soul being created in the Heavens above. One might also say in higher dimensional realities. Your soul is a spark of the divine. Your soul was lovingly created along with all others, yet each soul is unique and special. That is divinity in it's purest form. Your soul was created with intent and you were created via a deep love by the creators of all. You are of the higher realms. You are of the Heavenly places. That is where your soul originates. A state of pure energy, love, and divinity.

For what purpose was my soul created?

Our souls were created to be a part of something bigger. There is many facets that could go along to the response of this question. But we will keep the reply as answering about your soul specifically. Your soul was created to be a light in the world. You may say well how am I a light in the world when I am often surrounded by so much darkness? Why would a light be sent only to places already lit? You wouldn't put a lamp in an already lit room, You would place it in a darkened area so that the light can make a stronger impact on it's surroundings. So you were created to shine your light onto darkened areas in the world. Let's go a bit more deeper into what that means. The light that we speak about here is the divine energy that your soul possesses. It is filled with love, pure energy, wisdom, and hope. The darkened areas in the world can be people who have let their divine spark grow dim. This is areas where people have lost or have a weakened sense of love, energy, divine wisdom, and hope. You will find yourself attracting situations or people that will at times seem to be full of this darkness. It can be in the most usual of ways. Let's give an example.... perhaps you're in a grocery store buying a few items. It's a normal routine and you are minding your own business waiting in line. An individual comes who has a bad attitude that day or who may be depressed. You notice.... maybe this person is very vocally negative.... or maybe not but you still sense it. You may or may not be drawn to interact with that person. Perhaps if they're depressed you will pay them a compliment. Or if they're kind of agressive perhaps you will simply pray for them. Prayers and saying blessings for others is a wonderful way to share that divine light into the world. So you see sharing your divine light and being in your soul path doesn't always have to be huge drastic world changing events. The small events matter. So at it's most purest form your soul was created for the purpose of spreading that energy around. But also it is so that you can learn and experience situations. So that you can make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. So that you can meet people and make divine connections with others like a cosmic web of divine energy. That is some of the more purest reasons your soul is present here.

What is my soul's function on Earth at this time?

This was touched base on in the 2nd question some. So the reply to the second question applies for this question too. Right now humanity is going through a lot of transitions. Earth is moving into darkened times. There is a lot of hate in the world. There is a lot of people losing their way and getting caught up in worldly things that do not truly matter in a divine perspective. Your souls function on earth right now as we speak is to stay authentic to your souls divinity. So spread that light into the world yes.... but first you must recognize that this light is there! You must become more aware of this divine spark that is within you that is your soul power. You are a being divinely created and as a result you have a divine connection to so much more. As you begin to recognize that divine light through the path of continuing to look within yourself (meditation, self reflection, etc) that will move you into an energetic state where you're in more awareness of what that divine light and divine energy can do. It can change the world... for the better ideally. A bible verse comes into my mind right now and this is from Romans 12:1-2 " Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s (the Divine) mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God (The Divine as in the Creators)—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." Let's look at this in a divine way. It says you're urged to treat your body as a holy vessel... That is what you do when you recognize that your body is a temporary home for the Divine Light of Creation that is within you. Renewing of your mind in this way can mean to change your perspective from seeing your form only as a physical dying human to a Divine Soul created with purpose. So that way you are able to have that understanding of what is meant to be in your life to uplift you and what is meant to bring you down. Think about what may lower your energy vibrations.... what brings you down emotionally? What raises your energy vibrations.... what uplifts you emotionally? In that way we test (are more mindful) of the things that are in our life. You are in this world, but you are not of this world. You are in this world via your body, but your soul is not of this world. To those who only seek physical pleasures.... they're only feeding one small part of who they actually are. They ignore the spirit within... that divine spark... which is more you then your body is. Your souls function right now is to help people to realize that. But first it begins with you,

What will happen to my soul once my physical body passes away on this Earth?

You will return to your true divine state after you go through a reflection stage. The reflection stage is basically a review of your life in order to give you a deeper understanding of what just happened to you. You will return as your soul form... the divine essence that is you will be freed from it's physical form until the next journey.

What jobs do these 144,000 souls do while on Earth?

Much of what we spoke above about helping to awaken others. These souls are called to take the path of learning much more about divine wisdom and as that occurs that also means that these souls will experience harder times. More situations may occur to these souls to help sway them off their path.... to instill doubt in them so they doubt their divinity. These 144,000 are very strong in their spirit and fully awakened.... they are a force to be reckoned with. They are like divine warriors. So of coarse the powers that be here in this physical world we live in who seek power and control... they don't want people to awaken out of their divine slumber. The 144,000 can awaken many when they first are awakened!

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Peace Be With You

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