Soul Loss, Unmotivated, Lost And Unsure: Spiritual Guidance With Intuitive Melody

This question was submitted to me from someone who wanted me to intuitively look into their situation. I thought the question asked was something that many can relate to. Especially the part about Soul Loss and just being unsure and unmotivated. So I am sharing this with all of you.

Client Submitted Question:

I'm wondering if I have a Soul Loss? It's been two or three years now since my last Ayahuasca experience. Something happened, which caused maybe a spiritual awakening after that ceremony. Which was one of the scariest and hardest things I've gone through. I'm better now and I don't feel crazy, nor scared. However, now I feel I have no motivation or drive to do artwork or follow my dreams. I even have a hard time reading! I feel very lost and confused about my life. I fear I'll just observe the rest of my life without doing something great. Right now, I'm helping take care of my mom who has dementia. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do instead of getting my masters or something. I don't want to let her down, others, and myself. Or even my starseed family. I feel tired and blah. 😕

Answer Intuitively Received By Me:

There seems to be a lot to go through here. So I am going to let this flow as it comes. Ayahuasca is a method to help break down spiritual walls and to bust through blockages that have caused issues with attaining higher development. It can be very beneficial, but some people get to a point of feeling as though that is the only method that can help them attain such understanding. Sure it can make the process faster at times, but one important thing to remember is that it helps to get rid of blocks to reveal information that is already available for you to connect with. Similar effects can be attained with only meditation, but that takes longer because of our minds and bodies have harder time relaxing and connecting. I wanted to mention that because you mentioned about how it had been that amount of time since your last experience with it. I feel perhaps you're being led to work with the other ways to tap into that level of understanding. Sure the process may be slower, but it will strengthen you spiritually as you work through the process. So I would say try different meditation techniques and ways to calm and clear your mind while in meditation to help you attain a similar connection. I also wanted to address what you mentioned as follows. "I feel very lost and confused about my life. I fear I'll just observe the rest of my life without doing something great." Many people have an idea that doing something great must be a large event... when the small events in life can have very powerful impacts. For example you taking care of your mother who has dementia. Do you know how much good that is doing for her soul? She may not always be present mentally in a physical way. But she is present always spiritually via her soul. So the good you're doing in caring for her is not going unnoticed divinely. Just because others might be doing these large grand things, doesn't mean that what you're doing is any less. Your actions is based in love, and when we act with love... that is the best way to achieve something great. Also any moments when you can share kindness is vastly effective. Let's say you're in a store and you see a woman who looks kind of down and you compliment her hair or something. That one small simple compliment might brighten her day and create a snowball effect to others. Also you never know what someone is going through fully. Let's just say there's a person behind you while you're waiting in line and you're making small talk with this person.... maybe this person is actually very depressed and thinking about suicide and your small talk helped them realize there is kindness in this world and hope. We impact people way more then we realize and often times its smaller scale events that have monumental meaning... even if not noticed by us. It may be noticed by them. Have you ever been deeply impacted by someone who said something to you? Or