Sacrifice - Card Of The Day - Oracle of the Mermaids

Card Of The Day

Oracle of the Mermaids

Magical Messages of Healing, Love and Romance

Deck by Lucy Cavendish


There are those worth making, there are those that will destroy you.

The mermaids sing

we know that in the world of the air, there is often a need to choose between what is wanted now, and what it is best to wait for... and in your language is sometimes me and sacrifice. We have heard of the stories you have told each other... And the deities of the land and the sky have done this... in the ocean there have been great sacrifices to. The whales sometimes have Beach themselves to feed their communities of people - your ancestors. They are more evolved and they know that at times, the individual lifetime is not as sacred as the souls evolution. In your world, there is the tale of the great deities of masculine power, Odin, the father God of your Nordic peoples, and how he drank from a pool of wisdom - water, the wisdom bringer - and then hung on the ash tree oh, Yggdrasil 49 nights, returning to the world without one eye, but with knowledge. We have heard from the biking that he did not regret his sacrifice - that he knew that to gain the knowledge, something had to be given up. You have heard of the goddess of the people of the far north of the Americas as you called them - the Inuits, and their goddess Sedna, whose father cut her fingers from her hands to stop her clean to the side of his boat. Some say this was sacrifice... But this was not her choice... and so we wonder why you sometimes let people steal from you, and claimed it to be a sacrifice. And your tail about us, The Little Mermaid, it is said she chooses to give up her voice, and her ability to swim, and even walks with great pain, just to have the love of a human man. This is a sacrifice... But she gave up what was sacred - herself, and in the end is neither mermaid or woman, not loved, or with Kin... She is alone, as seafoam. So, when you choose to sacrifice something, ask what it is for... Is it safe? Do you want someone to do something in return? Or is it because there is an outcome that is better, truly better, then the perceived loss? Be wise in your sacrifices. Make them, and choose. Else it is nothing but manipulation, and robbery.


A refusal to prioritize, which sacrifice ultimately is, choosing what is more important to you, and what is worth giving up in the short-term, for a long-term benefit. Believing you can have it all, simultaneously, and then wondering why this Halo promise never came true. You can create magic, and miracles, and breakthrough and relearn and do the most incredible things. You can absolutely shift your life and make dreams come true, but can't you make every dream come true simultaneously. Not outside the realms of imagination, and even in that room, that coldren of creativity you must choose. So if this card has come to you reversed, you are perhaps attempting to hold on to everything, and refusing to choose, when a choice must be made in order for something should