Rainbow DNA - Card Of The Day - Sacred Geometry For The Visionary Path

Rainbow DNA

Sacred Geometry for the Visionary Path Oracle

Deck by Francene Hart

Human DNA uses the Phi ratio to form the wave that spins our genetic codes. Scientists, seeking to unravel the mystery of these codes, observe a mass of unexpressed DNA within the traditional double helix. Labeled by some as “junk” DNA, this additional information epitomizes our highest potential as yet unexpressed. In most humans only about three percent of the is code is currently switched on. By activating these dormant genes, we find the gateway to an infinite source of evolutionary wisdom. Decoding and activating this full spectrum of insight and understanding creates a rainbow of possibilities that corresponds to the emerging field of conscious evolution. Part of that process is learning the dynamics through which evolution does its transformational work. Through exploration of those dynamics, we can intentionally and wisely apply them to transform ourselves and our world. Visualize yourself spinning within this beautiful Rainbow DNA, activating your own potential. Draw upon the potent emotions of love and compassion to stimulate the harmonics of your heart and speed your pace of evolution. Each time you act from your heart, you contribute to the intentional conscious evolution of humankind and the healing of Mother Earth.” If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “Do not allow dullness to cloud your vision. Look to the Rainbow DNA as a symbol of hope for the conscious evolution of all humankind.

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