Ocean Magick Spells

Ocean Spells

        The Ocean carries a lot of power, and many spells can be done on the Ocean. Here are some basics on doing Ocean Spells. 

        It will be important to go at around sunset or at night. During the day you may find more people on the beach as well as draw attention to yourself. Depending upon the size of your spell or ritual, that is something which you do not want to do. You may even think about choosing a night when it is cloudy or a bit cooler. Chances are not as many people will be out roaming the beaches. Basically what you want to do is be secluded as possible, but be sure that you're safe. Do not go alone!! In these times on Earth you never know, so it's always safer to bring a friend and let someone else know where you and your friend will be. This goes for people of all ages. 

       You will also want to check the tides before leaving your home. Traditionally spells of constructive nature, such as love, healing, money, psychic awareness, travel, courage, protection, etc., are performed when the tide is flowing from low to high. Spells which are aimed at destroying disease, bad habits, obsessions, and so on are better with the ebbing tide, which is high to low. But as for me and my own personal practices, I do not see why following rules such as those would completely hinder a spell. Sure, they will aid your spell. But if the only time you can be at the beach is around the wrong tide, do not worry. Do your spell and release your worries. 

        I also think its important to not bring too many items with you. Some witches will haul cauldrons, incense burners, knives, special cups, bottles of wine, food, napkins, books, recorders, cameras, cords, swords, herbs, stones, shells, and whatever else to the beach with them. I think you get the hint... Many times less is better. This is because being outside doing spells brings you closer to nature and the elements. The elements are around you, and ultimately that is all you need. It will also be best to wear something comfortable. You do not need to go out looking beautifully decked in full makeup or anything like that. Men will understand! Go as you are, natural is best!! 

       Before we get into any spells I also want to remind everyone that simple is best. You don't need a bunch of people dancing around a large fire near the roaring ocean or anything like that. If you do have a ritual already prepared, know what you want to say, know how you're going to do it, and keep it inspirational and flowing. Nature magic doesn't need a bunch of beautifully poetic chants and spells to recite. It should be natural and flow with ease. It is also best to respect the earth. No littering. Whatever you bring with you, take with you too!! Be sure to soak in the moment and enjoy it.