My Thoughts Worshipping The Universe and Source Energy

Over the past two years or so I have been seeing things in a different lighting. I won't be going in depth about that here, but to sum it up I have been looking into theology and ancient texts. Some of these ancient texts are the new and old testaments of the Bible. But it is also the ancient texts of Babylon and Mesopotamia. It is so fascinating how this has illuminated some areas for me, especially my thoughts on how I see God or the Gods and how those two areas connect; as I see everything stemming from ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. I feel I had to explain my thought processes in how I came to this topic about the Universe in New Age Spirituality. This has been on my mind a lot over the past year or so. What I have been thinking was in the New Age spirituality movements I see a lot of talk about the Universe. This is something that I have even used before. I believe we were created by higher dimensional heavenly type beings who have been known by many names on earth. I do not believe in evolution really... I believe in creation. I also believe much of what we have come to understand about our world is highly conditioned and those reasonings I won't go into here for now. But I believe things are not as they seem basically. In many spiritual beliefs now days (commonly referred to as more New Age ideologies). But in many spiritual beliefs now days you'll see the Universe being referenced a lot. If the term Universe is not used then it will be source or some variation thereof. I have seriously not been vibing with that lately, and here's why...

I am feeling that by using the term Universe or Source it is taking people away from belief in a true higher power. People are beginning to self worship or worship the universe. It's starting to seem more like Universe worship. The universe didn't make itself. Even if you do believe in the big bang.... what made that before it was the big bang then... There are creators and this idea of using the term Source or Universe instead of a creator God or Gods is conditioning people away from belief in a true higher power. Yes I am aware this isn't all beliefs in the Spiritual movements. But in many cases you'll hear people refer to the Universe like it is a God. "The universe loves you and will guide you." "Source is an ever present energy in your life." Those terms Universe and Source are beginning to replace the names of God or Gods. I say God or Gods because I believe it all stems back to the same thing.... and if you're curious what I mean then look into the ancient texts from Mesopotamia and how many areas therein relate to the bible and you'll get the answer. If you go down that path, happy reading... So the universe and source terms are replacements for deities. Are we moving towards a belief system that doesn't contain any higher creator beings? I think that's where this is going to head towards, and is already beginning to head in that direction.

You might say well what does it matter what I call it as long as I am referring to the creation? I feel it does matter because it is washing away the belief in a higher power and moving everyone more towards the Evolution theory instead. It's worshiping the creation and not the creators. Yes this is all theory, creation... evolution... nobody can 100% prove their point either way. I look into the sky and I see all the wonders up there. I look at earth and how everything coincides (with the exception of humanity dominating everything). I read about our DNA and how everything is woven so instrumentally. How the hell can all of that be by chance? How the hell can the Universe do all that? What made the Universe then? What made that Source energy? There are holes in that theory. My point in writing this isn't to convert anyone to believing in the way I think, not at all. It is to hopefully help whoever reads this to think about things. Especially if you're apart of the spiritual movements now days. Just try to think about what people are teaching. Be careful what you believe. Be careful what you allow inside of you.

Peace be with you

Cosmic Blessings


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