My emotions are flying.... are yours?

I have found that my emotions go into modes of being high and then low. Fluctuating sometimes rapidly and sometimes slowly. But I guess that is normal. I find that this might be normal with all of us. I was talking to one of my Pathworking clients today about ups and downs in emotions. I explained to her how I felt many of us here on earth have been going through this more in the past few years. Perhaps it is just perspective and we have always been going through these things, but it seems over the past few years more people have been facing their shadowy depths. The darker aspects of their mind and emotions. She felt the same thing. I feel this is to give us a chance for healing. Emotions arise in order to give us a chance to reflect on those emotions and memories. Sometimes for a positive purpose... sometimes for a negative purpose. A negative purpose might be like a memory coming through and a reaction of anger or sadness come through as a result.... those emotions which we usually categorize as negative. But they can bring positive potential, because if we give mindfulness to those darker aspects then we will find the healing lesson in each of them. Like for myself I have been dealing with some self doubt lately, and this is something we all go through in one way or another, but I have been more mindful of it lately. And if there is an area which we need to overcome in order to fulfill a part of our life purpose then we will continue to be faced with that area and triggers may continue to come in order for us to face that obstacle. Not to beat us down or to break us, but so that we can learn to work our way through those obstacles and come out even stronger as a result. There is a positive and a negative to everything, but is positive and negative two sides to the same coin?... They each hold a purpose is what I am getting at here. It's important for us to be mindful of our more negative sides too because it shows growth. The darkness wouldn't exist without the light, but would the light exist without the darkness? Hmm... what a deep question. What are your thoughts on this topic? Leave it in the comments of this post. Thanks for reading!!

Cosmic Blessings,


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