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Moldavite Transformation

Crystal Ally Oracle 

Deck by Naisha Ahsian

Moldavite tektite is a beautiful green gemstone that fell to Earth over 14 million years ago in a meteor impact that formed the Bohemian plateau. It is the foremost of the transformational stones in that its energies are felt most easily and it has the most obvious and immediate transformational effect upon one’s life. Moldavite exhibits the green ray, yet its energies are effective in burning through blockages in any of the chakras. It is a strong stimulant to the psychic senses, and trends to accelerate one’s spiritual development and path. A strict (some say merciless) teacher, Moldavite heralds a time of drastic growth and changes. People, things or life lessons that no longer serve you will drop away, clearing the path for the higher good to come. This is not always an easy process, but if you are prepared to surrender to the Universal will, it can be a cathartic, cleansing and exciting time of spiritual unfolding. Moldavite has been valued for its transformative spiritual energies for at least 25, 000 years, and probably longer. Ancient people of the Bohemian plateau and beyond would wear this potent Ally for its energetic properties. Moldavite is also believed to be the legendary “emerald that fell from the sky”, they stone of the Holy Grail. Moldavite has an immediate impact on those that attune to its energies. Physical sensations range from the experience of heat (Moldavite flush) to tingling, dizziness or even headaches. Do not let this scare you, however. These physical symptoms are only temporary, and are direct effects of the stone’s powerful cleansing of the chakras and energetic systems of the body. Many people also trace the beginning of incredible growth and movement i their lives to their first encounters with Moldavite’s energy. Changes in relationships, jobs, living environments, personal abilities and manifestation abilities have all been reported as effects of Moldavite’s energy entering one’s life. Deep personal transformation is always a part of choosing to work with the Moldavite Ally. Moldavite allows the Light of the Divine to work great changes and miracles in one’s life. The Message: “If you have drawn Moldavite as your ally, hold on! It is going to be an exciting ride for the next few months. You may experience a “falling away”of old relationships, jobs, securities, and situations. Anything that does not serve your ultimate path may go spinning off into space, leaving you transformed. Moldavite is not always an easy Ally, as its purgative effects can leave you feeling like you have been put through the ringer, but it is truly a stone that indicates change for the better. It has a beautiful, extremely powerful and high vibration which creates a resonance with Universal understanding and creation. Expect an increase in psychic or “coincidental” phenomenon. It is time for you to begin the next phase of your spiritual learning, and Moldavite is a powerful teacher! Chakra: Will dissolve blockages in all chakras, but is most effective on the Heart, Third Eye , Crown and etheric chakras.

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