Midnight Stargazing

I was just outside around midnight looking up at the sky for a few minutes. I usually don't go outside by myself at night. But tonight I did. I stayed at the little deck area we have, and it was so very peaceful. Let me paint the picture. It's in the 70s for the temperature and there is a very soft breeze. Very faintly you can smell the salt water about a mile up the road from the Inlet. It is dark and just a bit foggy, but the stars are still shining through. There wasn't as many as on a clear night, but enough for gazing. The blanket of darkness envelopes me as I stare up into the large expanse above me. I take deep breaths and feel a release of stress that I didn't even realize was there before. Alone in the dark... Something I would have feared before. But now I feel fear for that no longer. It brought me peace. The thought of me being outside alone with the sky... Enchanting. I spoke out to the God's. I spoke from my heart. Pouring my soul out to them in whispers... I do have neighbors after all. As I whispered my heart's speach I gazed up into the heavens. So beautiful and breath taking. I asked if possible could they give me a sign soon about something that's been on my mind. Clarification of part of my soul identity that I am trying to realize. Within a minute or so I saw a shooting star going to the North. My sign. A yes from the Divine realms. My home realms spoke to me. A yes from my loving powerful Gods. Thank you I say to them as my heart and soul felt like it expanded. I concluded my conversation with them and promised to do that more often. Alone time with the stars and my Gods. It is humbling and you really feel an extra connection. I suggest you try it with whatever divine you may pray to. Much love to you.

Cosmic Blessings

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