Lost Lands - Card Of The Day - The Starseed Oracle

Lost Lands

The Starseed Oracle

Deck By Rebecca Campbell

Artwork By Danielle Noel

Card Off the day messages from the divine...

Soul memories and gifts. You've done this before....

The world is far more ancient than our documented history suggests. As souls, many of us have experienced ancient eras on this planet that were much more advanced than ours today. As we begin to remember these times, the remembering and gifts can come flooding back. At this stage an Earth's timeline, we need the wisdom of the ancients to survive as a species. You're being called to connect with the Lost wisdom of your own soul. If you feel guided to make a change in your life - to step into a new career path, birth a creation, or bring an idea to life - but feel unprepared, this card is calling you to consider that you've done this before. Perhaps your soul has wisdom beyond what your lifespan can imagine. Perhaps the intuitive hits and ideas you are receiving are divinely guided. Perhaps you've been preparing for this time. Some think that lost lands exist in the past; others believe they exist today, in a different dimension. I believe these ancient lands also exist in the soles of those who experienced them. If this card comes to you, perhaps the wisdom of lost lands such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon exist within you. And through surrendering to the intelligence of your soul you can unlock the seeds of these ancient lands so we can all learn from our mistakes and usher in a new age.

Peace Be With You

Cosmic Blessings,


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