Joy - Card Of The Day - Halloween Oracle

Joy: Rejoicing in the present.

Halloween Oracle Card

Deck by Stacey Demarco

I stand here,

I am where I am,

Fully alive and present

Stress is a sham.

Besides the “Hooooo” of a not so scary trick or treating ghost on Halloween evening, one of the most common sounds you will hear is laughter. There is so much joy at Halloween and it can be one of the most fun nights of the year if we allow that into our lives. We lead busy lives: whether we are studying, run a household, have a demanding job or all of them at once, it seems there is little time for us to stop, be present and enjoy exactly where we are at this time. It has been said that the first step of real change is stopping and acknowledging that we actually need this change. Whilst sometimes we might feel that there is little to feel happy about and much to change, we can always feel grateful for something right now and there is power in that position. It is time to find the joy in this moment and to find that joy more often. Should this card come up in your divination, it heralds the arrival of more happiness and profound joy into your life. It is a good omen! Actively seek pleasure and build more of the things that give you personal joy and laughter in your life. After all, we build in appointments for the dentist, why not for our own pleasure?

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