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Joy And Stability

The Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle

Deck By John Holland Happiness, Celebration, Sharing, Renewal Like a beautiful summer day, this card brings joyful energy. Take a break or step back just for now from any concerns you may have around matters of the heart, and spend some time in happy pursuits. Find reasons to celebrate with others. Welcome this warm, sunny energy into your life. Allow it to lift your spirits. Remember the Law Of Attraction, and a high rate of vibration will attract all that you desire. Rejuvenate your relationships by renewing yourself. This card also speaks of a time of sharing conversation. Lovingly open your heart and mind to people. Share your thoughts and, above all, be a good listener. Feel the ebb and flow of energy as you communicate with others. You will find that this brings increased stability and warmth to your relationships, helping you attract like-minded people into your life.

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