Growing Psychic Abilities Intuitive Reading Excerpt

This was an intuitive reading I did for a client and I felt some of the information that came through would be of benefit for some others to know. So I took out all the personal information and decided to share it.

-What are my strongest abilities?

For this question I get through the term "knowing thy self". So you might say... how is knowing myself one of my strongest abilities? Well in this life there is a lot of conforming that people tend to do even without realizing. What makes them unique and truly tuned into their soul energy is lost in the hype of being like others or going with the flow of the norm. You are one that is not afraid to break free from the norm and truly be yourself. Also you have a quest... a yearning... a deep heart and soul felt urge to know your soul self more. That is special because as you begin the steps of the journey to know your soul self more... more of your soul power is unlocked and shines through more. This means gifted abilities from the divine that are connected with your soul shines through. You are not afraid to look into the unknown to see what resides there. You do not fear facing the darkness... because you know you have a strong inner light to help guide your way. My friend that is a very strong ability.... your strongest ability... one that many shy away from. This path of knowing yourself more can lead to very strong empathic, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities. Then more after that. With knowing your soul power there are limitless possibilities.

-How can I tap into telepathy abilities?

Tapping into your telepathic abilities is something that must begin with calming yourself down and quieting your thoughts. Quieting your mind is one of the hardest things to do. So begin with that first. Meditations aimed at clearing your thoughts and getting to that place of inner silence and serenity can be most beneficial. So that way when your mind is in that state of peace you can think of the specific thought you'd like to send and you can visualize the person you'd like to send it to and transmit the thought more easily. But when our minds are busy with thoughts and distractions we cannot send a clear message through telepathic means because the messages get lost in the thoughts of the mind. Your steps to mastering this should begin with quieting your mind. Doing so in whatever way is most beneficial to you. This can be regularly writing down your thoughts to help you vent the pent up ones and meditation. Then your quest will be to focus on the thought you'd like to send and the person which you'd like to send that thought to. This act is done differently by each person I suppose. Some might visualize the words traveling into the other persons mind. Some may just speak the words and command them to be send to the other person. Use whatever way is most natural for you. That is important to find your methods that work well for you. Take the lessons of others but finding your own unique spin on it will be the key to mastering.

-What are ways I can improve my abilities?

Psychic abilities can be improved by paying attention to smaller things in life. The requirement for this approach is self-discipline. The reason why most people rather disregard their psychic potential rather then improve upon it is because they find self-discipline to be hard. It takes a lot of thought, energy, willpower, and self-honesty. Begin simple... smaller perceptions and observations... Through that way you can find out a great deal about yourself and your abilities, which will help you to strengthen them. Also remember that improving psychic abilities can be a long process. Some people have a hard time with patience. Patience and self-discipline are keys. People get upset if the abilities are not tapped into right away. Think about psychic awareness being like a muscle... if you want big strong muscles you have to put in the hard work to get them which takes patience and self-discipline. Find your own pace. Over time even your pace will change. Your comfort zone and learning abilities change as you change. Accept that change, and be prepared to find your pace, your level of vibration, again and again and again. Look forward to it. Enhancing psychic abilities is about integrating psychic knowledge and finding new perspectives and new uses for the psychic abilities you have developed. Developing psychic abilities just to have them is a bit short-sighted approach. What do you wish to do with your psychic abilities? What are your goals? Enhancing psychic abilities works through the feedback process, after doing something, evaluate. Evaluation allows you to optimize and adjust, and understanding the whole process leads to a stronger, deeper understanding. Also it's about tapping into your inner self and to be able to withstand greater flows of power. If you have realized the value of self-discipline and also the value of paying attention to smaller details, you will also soon realize the value of acceptance and clarity. The major tools of a psychic are the mind and the body - as they say, your body is your temple. Realize enough inner clarity to let your mind and body regenerate and withstand greater amounts and varying qualities of psychic energy. What it requires also is the courage to face your fears and the honesty to admit your faults or weak points. Of course, it also helps to have a goal - what will you do with the greater influx of psychic energies? How will you let it out for some chosen purpose... Find the tools that help you channel this energy within. Some find herbs, gemstones, divination tools to all be helpful. Keeping your chakras and aura cleared and balanced can assist you. And test yourself in the development stages. Finding someone you can help to test your abilities on can help. Let's say empathic abilities if you wanted to see if your perceptions of others emotions were accurate... find a trusted person and ask them if they will clarify if you're right or wrong in your psychic perceptions. Same goes for testing Telepathic type abilities.

Peace Be With You

Cosmic Blessings,


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