Divine Energy Report: 10/04/20

Divine Energy Report: 10/04/2021 Lunar Energy: The Moon is currently in the constellation of Leo. Today the Moon is Waning Crescent (Approaching New Moon) and its age is 27.46 days. The waning crescent is the last lunar phase before the new moon and this means it is the most aged and wise. 'Waning' means that the illuminated portion of the Moon is decreasing. As the light of the Moon wanes, energy is slowing down and bathing us in feelings of satiation and gratitude. The waning crescent moon's spiritual meaning is one of release. This is a time to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Leo is the second of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, who all hold an elemental energy of endurance and stability in the center phase of the four seasons. Leo is fierce, powerful, temperamental, courageous, passionate, determined, and headstrong. With the moon in Leo, a dramatic and loyal emotional nature comes to the surface. This is a vibe of playful energy. This is an energy to help you to open up and take your chances. This is a time to reflect on your creativity and to leg to of feeling threatened by others. Set the intentions to remain loyal. Solar And Cosmic Energy: Sunspot counts are up which increases the chances for Geomagnetic Activity. Solar flares and geomagnetic storms have serious effects on the Earth and us. These are emissions of energy hitting us. These energies affect our electrons, ions, and atoms. This is a space weather phenomena. These storms affect our brain activity and nervous systems. These energies are changing us on a consciousness and cellular level. Geo-magnetic storms are highly transformational. They might be happening and you are not even aware of it and how it is influencing your daily life. Like solar flares, it is said by some that geo-magnetic storms actually help us receive energetic downloads and ascend as we move from our physical body to our lightbody. The symptoms change as we go through this process. There is no one size fits all or copy and paste of symptoms. Some of the symptoms being reported now are : Headaches. Insomnia. Intense hunger. Intense fatigue. Anger or sadness- this is a clearing either for yourself or the collective. The recent geomagnetic storms are causing earth changing events in the way of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind storms. Geomagnetic Activity on the Sun Influences Our Thoughts. Solar activity is known to influence human consciousness. Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worried, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, forgetful, have heart palpitations, feel nauseous and queasy, and to have prolonged head pressure and headaches. The solar flares can have a powerful effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear. This can increase intuitive and psychic phenomena in people who commonly are sensitive to those areas. If you would like to work with me one on one please check out my Pathworking Services page. It is my aim to be your personal spiritual guide. Peace be with you Cosmic Blessings,

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