Divine Energy Report: 09/20/2021

Divine Energy report for lunar and solar activity for September 20th 2021

Divine Energy Report: 09/20/2021 Lunar Energy: The Moon is currently in the constellation of Aquarius. Today the Moon is Full Moon and its age is 14.64 days. Tonight's full Moon has a special name: The Harvest Moon. It's the full Moon closest to the northern autumnal equinox. The Equinox is traditionally considered a time of transition, contemplation, gratitude, and a fresh start. As we enjoy the results of the work we have done so far, we also have the chance to let go of what we no longer want to bring with us and start a new cycle of growth. That paired with the energy of the Full Moon urges you to acknowledge your life cycle and spiritual path. In doing so, you are honoring, not only your own growth and light within, but the ancient wisdom that has served our health and wellness for thousands of years. Aquarius is symbolized by the ‘water carrier’ which gives us an indication of the deeper meaning of this enigmatic sign. The full moon represents completion, the height of power, the realization of your desires and the peak of clarity. It is a time to celebrate your growth, take note of what progress you have made and to reflect on how far you have come. When the Moon moves into this gregarious sign, you'll feel the urge to call your friends, make plans, and get out and interact with those around you. The Aquarius Moon could also have you feeling a little but more rebellious and spontaneous than usual. You may crave freedom and a distraction from your everyday life. The Full Moon in Aquarius is giving you the insights you need to develop the partnerships you desire even if with yourself. Solar And Cosmic Energy: A storm is brewing on the sun. High above sunspot AR2871, has magnetized clouds in an unstable network of magnetic fields overlying and surrounding sunspot AR2871. Although the sunspot just emerged over the sun's southeastern limb, it's not new. Nothing too impactful for us yet spiritually, but for sure something to be mindful of in the week ahead because when it last showed it did produce some solar flares. But again right now for today there shouldn't be much impact on us spiritually from that sun spot energy area. If you would like to know how these energies can affect you personally and work with me one on one every day,please check out my Ascension Assistance under the Pathworking Services page. You get a report on how this Energy report can affect you personally every day and much more. Peace be with you Cosmic Blessings, Melody

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