Divine Energy Report: 09/17/2021

Divine Energy Report: 09/17/2021

Lunar Energy: The Moon is currently in the constellation of Capricornus. Today the Moon is Waxing Gibbous and its age is 11.45 days. The waxing gibbous phase signals redirection, adjustment, and flexibility. Your plans are being challenged, and your patience is being tested. Be flexible. Capricornus (Capricorn) is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for "horned goat" or "goat horn" or "having horns like a goat's", and it is commonly represented in the form of a sea goat: a mythical creature that is half goat, half fish. The constellation is located in an area of sky called the Sea or the Water, consisting of many water-related constellations such as Aquarius, Pisces and Eridanus. It is the smallest constellation in the zodiac. Capricorn is associated with business, finance, ambition. Capricorn is associated in a material sense with ambition, and in a spiritual sense with ascension. Whether we are talking about the material world or the spiritual plane it seems that Capricorn’s energy is to help ascend the heights! That paired with the waxing gibbous moon shows messages of growth happening as long as you're being flexible and open to a redirection. So look at areas of business, finance, goals relating to what you're ambitious about with an open mind. Try not to stick to just one set way in how you'll expect things to happen.

Solar And Cosmic Energy: Leading up until today it was expected that a CME may end up hitting earth, well it happened and it was pretty weak. But it may cause a bit of solar wind. It is reported that even though the it was weak, it could still bring about some geomagnetic activity in the hours or day or two after potentially. So still be mindful of geomagnetic energies. It is my hopes to bring through this information so we are all reminded how we are connected with everything around us. So often we forget and see ourselves as seperate, when we are all one here in this place. Remember with these Energy Reports we are looking into how these things will affect us spiritually. Remember what a CME is. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are large expulsions of plasma and magnetic fields from the Sun's corona. This can result in the sudden release of electromagnetic energy in the form of a solar flare. Electromagnetic energy is strong and can influence spiritual abilities. So I think it's an important thing to be mindful of. Let's go over how Geomagnetic storms can affect us spiritually and otherwise. They can be highly transformative. This can be a bit similar to solar flares which we have covered in a few past Energy Reports. Some believe that spiritually and energetically geomagnetic storms can help us to receive energetic downloads to assist in our ascension process. Think of this as a higher energetic and spiritual state. Some believe geomagnetic storms can help in the process of transmutation and changing of our DNA. There are some symptoms to be mindful of when geomagnetic storms happen. They can at times cause headaches or migraines, breathing issues, sleeping issues, tingly head, irritable mood, being aware of other dimensions, seeing or sensing spirits, heightened paranormal activity, sudden insights and revelations that seem to come out of nowhere, technology devices can sometimes have issues too. It is believed by some that geomagnetic storms can diminish the veil of this physical world. Not everyone will experience this, but only those who are spiritually sensitive to energies.

If you would like to know how these energies can affect you personally and work with me one on one every day,please check out my Ascension Assistance under the Pathworking Services page. You get a report on how this Energy report can affect you personally every day and much more.

Peace be with you

Cosmic Blessings,


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