Divine Energy Report 09-03-21

Divine Energy Report: 09/03/2021 Lunar Energy: The Moon is still in the Waning Crescent and its age is 26.11 days and is currently in the constellation of Gemini. Waning moon in Gemini is a period of emotional instability. So it would be well to be mindful of your communications with others during this time and to spend a bit extra time during your day and the next few days to be aware of your emotions and how you are expressing those emotions. With the new moon approaching it is a great time to prepare your intentions. Solar Energy: Following yesterday's complete miss by two CMEs, Earth's magnetic field is calm and quiet. The next episode of unrest is due on Sept. 5th when a stream of solar wind is expected to reach our planet. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are large expulsions of plasma and magnetic field from the Sun's corona. This can result in the sudden release of electromagnetic energy in the form of a solar flare; which typically accompanies the explosive acceleration of plasma away from the Sun – the CME. Spiritually it is believed that this can intensify energies that already exist within you. So that could mean tension in the body, aches and pains increasing at times, emotions becoming stronger (positively or negatively depending on what was already present), etc. But things seem to be quieting down faster then expected. This means that today you still might feel a bit of remnants from yesterday, but it shouldn't become anymore intense. Cosmic Energy: The Alpha Aurigids meteor shower is still taking place within the boundaries constellation of Auriga. The meteor shower occurs between Aug 25-Sept 6 with the peak occurring on the 1st Sep. every year. Meteor showers can be quite the spectacular sighting and are sometimes very rare. The spiritual significance of them dates back to ancient times as they have been referenced as gifts and signs from heaven or the bringing of powerful spiritual energy that can be used when you are under one. Earthly Energy: Energies right now on earth are heightening as we are in a time of changing seasons. This is a time to be more mindful of your emotions and how you will use them for your intentions moving forward. Today we are in 09-03-2021 that adds up to 17. You are advised to follow the course confidently, and you have the divine blessings and assistance in your endeavors. The number 17 shows that in order to accomplish your purpose in life, you have to be optimistic with a good sense of conviction knowing that you will succeed in what you're focusing on today moving forward.

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Peace be with you

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