Blue Lace Agate - Crystal Wisdom Oracle - Card Of The Day

Blue Lace Agate

The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Deck by Judy Hall

Blue Lace Agate: Self-expression

Agate traditionally brought favor from the gods, conferring invincibility and strengthening will. Blue lace Agate connects spirit with intellect. Highlighting integrity, it enhances the ability to communicate effectively what is in your mind and heart.

Self-understanding. Take time to attune to your inner being so that you express the fullness of who you are. Be confident when speaking in public as you have much to share even though you may have been silenced in the past. Repressing your thoughts and feelings causes throat problems, so speak your mind with gentleness, honesty and clarity. You have the gift of serenity – use it wisely.

Divination: Expect news shortly and keep lines of communication open. Events unfold slowly but it is time to speak your heartfelt truth with integrity and confidence. Return to basics and start again if necessary. Do not fear being judged. Focus your mind and open your intuition. Your life will be long and happy. Accept your sensitive side.

Frequency: Medium to high.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Heart, Crown

Zodiac Timing: Gemini, Pisces.

Soul Path: Expressing yourself fully

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