Blessings In Reflecting On The Path

So often in life we get caught up in where we are going that we forget to stop and appreciate the path. Reflect on where you're currently at, good and bad... There's a reason for both, even though we don't always see the reasons in the moment. But I believe stopping to reflect on the path can help to give you more reflection over where you're headed. Don't forget so very often it is the small things in life that matter the most. Think about the clouds right Blue sky day. They are floating where they are meant to go as the wind leads them. They are calm and peaceful and serving their purpose. They know the direction they are headed, yet they aren't rushing to get to where they are going. They know they'll get there when they're meant to be there. And in a way they never really have a destination. They just keep moving forward where they are meant to be led. At times they pause in their journey and stop moving t

and they might seem to be at a standstill. But regardless, they're still serving their purpose. This is a metaphor for your life. At times as humans can get so wrapped up in the destination that we forget the journey is just as important as the destination. Maybe more important. And we get so wrapped up in the focus of getting there, that we realize once we're there, there's always more to attain afterwards. And so we forget to take things at a slower pace. We forget to just go with the flow as best as we can to enjoy the process well still keeping mind on our direction. What ways in your life are you currently going with the flow and enjoying the process? What ways in your life do you feel having that mentality might benefit you? It's just a focus area that the divine realms are bringing through for to be mindful of today.

Cosmic Blessings

Peace be with you


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