Basics Of Spell Casting

Spells are beautiful and are a natural aspect of life in their most basic form. A spell can be as simple as words spoken out into the wind. As long as the intention of the manifested desire is there then it's a spell. Most people know what spells are, but rarely do some stop and wonder about what is behind the word. Even the word spoken can bring fear into some people. Topics such as evil always come up. Spells have been around for centuries. In fact, they have been used since ancient times through many different forms. Many people do spells everyday and never even realized and this can be done even through prayers, blessings, chants, etc.

        There are 4 main types of spells in general. Air Spells, Fire, Spells, Water Spells, and Earth Spells. There can be as large as an elaborate ritual or simple.  A sample of each one goes as follows. An earth spell would harness the powers of nature. Something like charging a stone with the spells intent and placing it under a tree, writing your intention on a piece of paper and burying it in the dirt, or even carving a symbol or rune into the soil or sand can be a simple earth spell. A water spell would harness the powers of the sea. This can be done through something like writing your spell down on paper and floating it away in a body of water, charging some clean drinking water with the spells intention while adding appropriate herbs and drinking like a potion, or blessing water with the spell and using it as anointing water. An air spell would harness the powers of the wind. Something like saying your chant or spell into the air on a windy day, writing your spell down on a paper and letting the wind carry it (or the ashes if combining elements) away, or choosing a leaf from a plant while charging it with your intention and letting the wind carry it away to be manifested. A fire spell would harness the powers of the flame. Burning a candle charged with the intention can be a simple way, writing your intention on a piece of paper and setting fire to it, or even focusing your thought on a flame can be a really effective way.

          You may have heard the terms Black Magic Spells and White Magic Spells. This is a term used to categorize the basic good vs evil aspect of each spells intention. As a general guide a spell that is cast upon someone who has not given permission should be categorized as a black magic spell. Any spell done for revenge or for evil hatred purposes is a black magic spell. White magic spells are done with the light of good in mind. They're cast to benefit yourself or someone you know (with permission). White magic spells are pure and always loving. The more you work with spells, the more you will be able to tell the difference.

          Another good thing to keep in mind when doing spell work is the Three Fold Law. Basically this means that whatever you give out you will get back times three. This is a basic principle in many different beliefs and religions. Whatever you give out you will get back. You can think of this as karma, but be sure that whatever you do you keep the three fold law in mind. If you give good then you shall receive good back to you three times over, but if you give back then... well you get the gist.

        If you have any questions about spells, how to construct your own, or anything at all please feel free to contact me. I am always willing to help. Thank you for reading!!

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