Anunnaki Ascembly Of Gods Channeling - Anunnaki Council Messages June 26 2020

Anunnaki Ascembly Of Gods

Channeling Of The Annunaki Council 

We seek guidance today from you, the ancient ones, the beginning of all here on earth. Please shed some light to us. We have some pre-made questions if you're willing to answer please send us the answers oh mighty ones of old. Your wisdom encompasses us. We are open to your messages. What advice do you have for humanity at this time? Specifically with our lives being so unpredictable with everything that is going on with the world right now in 2020. Today we give to you guidance on your daily lives. Live each day in the moment. While still being mindful of the future, do not dwell on it... for it has not happened yet in your space and time. It is still ongoing and you are in the present moment now, so focus on the now. Make best of the now. For if you're too focused on the past or the future, you cannot fully recognize all the lessons and gifts in the now. The now is where we suggest for you to reside. Many of you who are awakening in this time, and who are on the path of ascension, look so forward to your ascended futures you do not enjoy as fully the present. Some of you look too much to the past too. We say to find balance in this. Enjoy the past and unlocking soul memories. Enjoy the future in dreaming and goal creating. But realize that the here and now is where you will take the steps to making those changes. The changes could be positive or negative, depending on your focus of the here and now. Will you waste the moment or seize the day? The choice is yours alone. Do you have any advice to give us for healing during this time? Physically, spiritually, emotionally. Focus on your energy vibrations. Do things which bring you joy and make you feel lighthearted. If you're unsure what those things are, look to your inner child for guidance. What did you like to do as a child which brought you peace? Did you create? Did you adventure in nature? Think back and see what answers come. Meditation during this time is recommended, but not just to attain visions. Meditation is a time to clear your mind while giving your energy a chance to recharge. Think of this like your nightly sleep. Your mind, body, and spirit recharges which gives you more energy to do with as you please the next day. Meditation is similar. Intake foods that your body guides you to. Listen to your body. If you eat a certain food and you feel really heavy or slow after, avoid such foods or in moderation. Your body will guide you on what it needs if you listen to the signs it gives. Emotionally do not push away the negative thoughts, what some of you call the shadow aspects of yourself. Repressed emotions lead to blocks and guards which can be toxic for you. Do not let those turn against you. By facing them head on, examining each one, releasing, forgiving when needed... even if to yourself, working on limitations, you can bring light to those shadowed sides. Working on the limitations is more like facing your fears. Do you avoid a particular memory? Why? Heal it by seeing it questioning it, and facing that fear. Face your fears. Many of you walk around with such a low perspective of yourself. This is deeply ingrained self hatred that has been learned from your society. Do not let your society tell you what is beautiful. You're beautiful as is, without anything else. You as your pure form, you are worthy of self love. Find your self love by looking truly at your pure form, without social constructs telling you what beauty is. Spiritually listen within. What are you guided to? Not all of you will be guided to the same things. Listen to what you're vibing with. Not what you have been taught, but what you feel drawn to. Listen to those messages from your soul. Listen to those urges and follow those signs for they are like keys to inner maps which will lead you to a great treasure. Would you say humanity is doing good with this awakening and ascension we are going through? You are doing as good as can be expected right now. Humanity, the awakening and ascension is ongoing. There will be ups and downs. There will be moments when it seems you're right on point, and then other moments when it seems all has been lost. There will be times of trouble and obstacles. There will be times of blessings and peace. This is expected. Ups and downs along the way are expected during this process. Do not judge the journey by the current stage. Look at the journey as a whole, for if you see this awakening and ascension as a whole you're see that it is all divinely flowing. Be sure that you're not fighting against your inner currents. Listen to the River that is your inner soul, it will tell you which way to flow. Are we on the right track as a civilization? This is a question not easily answered. In short yes, but there is many things to examine here. To make things simple let's say that a growing civilization and people will have much to learn, and the learning process can test your patience. It can have obstacles and moments of doubt. It can have moments when you feel on track and moments when it seems you've been led astray. Like floating down a river, there may be calm moments and there may be rapids. But the river continues to flow as it needs to.... as it has been designed to. So too is humanity. What do you suggest we do when it comes to the lies the media gives? One man may lie and his lies are worthless, they only gain momentum when people begin listening and flocking to him for all the answers. Humanity, nobody on your planet has all the answers no matter how much they make it seem like they do. Your reality was set up in such a way that there is a limited perspective, 3rd dimensional reality is what you commonly call it now. You're awakening from homo-sapiens to homo-spiritus, basically speaking. The media contain no true power over you unless you give it your power. If you wish to not adhere to their lies, do not listen to them. Know that you can spread the messages of the lies to your others, but you cannot force anyone else to awaken. Your kind say do not wake a sleepwalker. They must awaken on their own timing. So too is the truth for those who have fallen to the manipulation of the many falsities set up in your civilizations. Trust within. Do not be led in fear. Fear steals your power. Do not go forward in fear. Go forward in power knowing that no matter what is thrown at you, you are capable of handling it all. Even media lies. Even manipulative humans elites... they're sleeping in a dream if they think their ways will last forever. The times of change for all..... empowerment for all!!! IS COMING SOON!!!! Any other messages you may have for us? Repeat these words I am a strengthened soul. I do not allow myself to be manipulated. I awaken to my inner truth. I awaken my inner soul. My soul power is alive within me, like a coursing energy surging through every part of my being. I am power. I am love above hate. I am light in the darkness. I am worthy. I do not allow my energy to be taken. We leave you with those messages. Much love to all who hear and understand.

Channeled By Melody

June 26, 2020

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