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Oracle Of The Mermaids Oracle Card deck


Adrift: “Letting go, allowing a higher force to take charge for a time.” The Mermaids Sing: “What is it, to be without direction, without self-determination, without a sense of empowerment? It is always dis-empowering… so this card invites you to contemplate the many aspects of letting go and, as so many of you humans say, so many times it has become a cliche, going with the flow. Sometimes, for all our strength and purpose, we mermaids just let go for a time, especially if there has been great turmoil and we are weak. So, the “Adrift” card suggests that there is a sense of making o effort at all at the moment… that you may be safe, and able to float, but it is up to the tides, and the cycles, and to the waves and to the wind to determine your destination. It can also suggest that there is a lack of urgency for you at the moment – that you are willing to be totally compliant, and to see what happens next – and yet, this is a choice , too. You can always paddle. You can choose to lie down, turn your face to the clouds and drink the waters from the sky when they choose to come, to allow your fate to be decided for you. And sometimes, this is right and good, it is sometimes humbling and can create wisdom… the wisdom that comes with observation and stillness and the and the sense of sacrificing yourself to a power greater than yourself. There is no longer an anchor. There is no sail. There are no oars. And there is no map. There is only the floating world, of which you are a part.” Divination: Refusing to attempt to change things – allowing yourself to surrender to the situation and to see where it takes you. A kind of peaceful passivity, and in an oceanic way, allowing the cycles to make a decision on your behalf. This can indicate too that you have no desire to make decisions, only to drift and to float and to allow whatever outcome will be to be. It is as if there is no moving forward, and no retreat… just a moment-by-moment acceptance of all that is taking place, and a very gentle, almost imperceptible willingness to let the tide and current take you where it will. You are adrift… and you are somehow akin to Odin, hanging on the tree of life. Will you be taken to shore? Will you remain at sea? Will you fade and vanish? What is it you should do? That is not eve a question you are asking yourself. It seems you have made the powerful choice… for suspension, to rest. To no-do. For nothingness. For allowing what IS around you, to determine, for now, the fate of yourself.”

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