This is a service I offer to help those who are in need of assistance with a casting, ritual, enchantment, spiritual cleansing, etc. We live in a time where we are constantly being bombarded with negative energies or stresses. I see this in myself and in the world around me. Upon stressing myself about things, I decided to place my faith in the creators to lead me. I have been guided to the path I am on right now having studied many mythologies and theologies. I find that one thing remains in each of them. Each belief system out there has a form of attracting what you desire to you. Call it prayer, witchcraft, spells, charms, chanting, manifestation, etc. I see this as working with the energies that are around us all the time to bring about changes that we seek. Sure some things just are not meant to be, but through spiritual practices like enchantments, castings, rituals, etc. we aim to increase the chances of drawing those things to us. Think of it like encoding the energies around you with your intentions. Through this energy work my aim is to help you to draw in the things you're wanting to bring into your life and attract to you. 

What Enchantment Assistance Is...

  • A way to bring positive energies to you like planting a spiritual energetic seed and watching it grow.

  • Think of this like spiritually investing into your own soul energy. 

  • Encoding energies around you via your own soul energy and energy centers in your body and spirit. 

  • Help to boost your own enchantments, castings and rituals you're doing for yourself. This pairs up well with your own magickal and spiritual workings. 

  • Help to increase your own manifestation intentions.

What Enchantment Assistance is Not...

  • It is not a service to manipulate others to do what you want.

  • It is not to bring about harm to others.

  • It is not something that will bring instant changes. Sure some can come through fast, but this is much like with manifestation and prayer... you do the work and then wait for the results. Think of it like energetic seeds being planted, patience is needed for the growing process. If you're looking for things to appear for you instantly, this is not for you. But if you are looking for ways to invest into your own energies... this is for you. 

  • It is not meant for me to do all the work for you. You must take responsibility for helping the manifestation of your desires. For example, if you to want find new employment, you’ll still need to apply for job openings. Or if you want to find new love, you must be willing to put yourself out there to meet new people. My aim with this Enchantment Assistance is to increase the chances of you getting what you're wanting to draw into your life. Think of it as teamwork.


What You Get

  • Energy Encoding Enchantment Service

  • Energy guidance throughout the entire month with me. My aim will be to be a spiritual guide to you to assist you in whatever ways I can to help you energetically be as soul empowered as possible.

  • 1 Custom Enchantment Sigil sent to you digitally. This sigil will be custom made for you enchanted with the energies you wanted to encode in your energy field. You can use it with meditations, print it out and put it around your home, in your car, or just keep it in your phone to carry with you. 

Ideas For things you can encode energetically: Attracting new love, strengthening love relationships, spiritual cleansing, energy clearing, clearing negative energies/curses/hexes, attracting good luck/prosperity/abundance. Think about what you want to attract into your life. 

Price: $100 

(Get this as a one time thing or choose to keep this as a monthly energy encoding)

** If you have already signed up for one of my other Pathworking Services you will receive this Enchantment Assistance as an add on of only $50 to your monthly price of the Ascension Assistance or Witches Empowerment. 

**If you are new here and wanted to bundle this with one of my other pathworking services, such as Ascension Assistance or Witches Empowerment then your price would be only $50 for this with the fee for the other service. 

Here’s How This Works
1. Contact me via the form below. 

2. From there I will contact you and we can discuss what it is you're in need of assistance with and we will discuss the payment options from there. We will discuss your specific goals, explain the kind of energy work I’ll be using, and I can answer whatever questions you might have about this. Think of this part like the consultation. 

3. We will be in regular contact during the process of this energy work I will be performing for you. That's right, I'm not just going to accept your money and leave. We can be in touch throughout the entire process. My aim it to be an energy guide for you. Encoding the energies you want within you means me helping to guide you through the process. My aim is to be as thorough as I can be and to be there for you in whatever way I can to help. 

In the form below please include your name and your email. I will be contacting you back via email and then we can discuss a more direct form of contact from there such as Text (usa) Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc.) Please also include a little about why you're seeking this Enchantment Assistance. Please feel free to include any questions you might have for me to. I will be contacting you back within 48 hours, usually it will be much sooner. 

Contact Me

Thanks, I will be in touch with you soon.