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Seek the Oracle Cards every day with this monthly service. With the Daily Oracle Service you will get an Oracle Card pulled for you every single day for the entire month. You can choose from my large selection of decks. So that means you can choose a different deck each day depending on what your mood is. You can ask a question for your Oracle Card pull or just leave it to be a general message divinely inspired for you. 


Level One: $60

One card a day pulled for you with a clear photo of the card and an in depth message about the card meaning. 

Level Two: $100

One card a day pulled as stated above plus spiritual coaching services. Includes one on one discussions between me and you about the messages from the card pull and whatever else might me on your mind that you may need spiritual guidance on for that day. 

If you think you might be seriously interested in signing up, please fill out the form below and you will get a Free one day trial. So that way you know if this service is something you would truly vibe with. 

The Oracle Messages will be sent to you personally via whatever contact method is good for you. (Email, Google Chats, Text {USA}, Fb Messages, Instagram DM,) With this service my aim is to be a conduit of the Divine for you. We get busy in our lives, and I want to offer things I feel passionate about. I take my spiritual path very seriously, and I see it as my mission in life to share that with others. I have multiple Oracle and Tarot Decks that you can choose from each day. You will be sent a photo or list of the different decks I have and each day you can choose whichever you feel divinely guided to. Or I can intuitively choose a different deck for you each day. Think of this like a Divine Adventure. You'll never know what tomorrows messages may contain. 

Important Information Please Read It All

If you're interested in working one on one with me with my services please know that I work with intuitive energies through the divine. My aim is to be a bridge between the realms of the divine and here. I take this work very seriously and I hope you will too. Please do not contact me for a free trial unless you're seriously interested in possibly signing up. To put it straight forward, please don't use me offering the free trial as a way for you to get something for free. It takes a lot of energy and time to do this and my fees are the exchange for my time and energy to bridge with the divine. Payment methods will be discussed after you fill the form out below. I will proceed to contact you usually within a few hours, but at the most within 24 hours. From there we will discuss payment methods and how to get this process started. If you need to do payments then that can be arranged let me know and we will work it out. This is a monthly service and at the end of each month you'll be asked if you want to sign up again for the new month. So there is no obligations to continue if you didn't want to. I do not offer refunds.  The following Disclaimer is Required by Law. The law says spiritual services are for entertainment purposes only. (However I hold a firm belief in what I do) Spiritual services should not be used in place of professional assistance. If you need medical, financial, legal, or mental health assistance, please seek out a professional in that field. Only persons over the age of 18 are permitted to sign up for my services. My working days are every week day. I reserve weekends to take care of other obligations. However, if you really need me on a weekend you can send me any messages you like and I will reply that following Monday. On occasion I may reply during a weekend if I'm not as busy. During the weekdays it is my aim to respond as soon as I can, It is my aim is to be there for you as your Spiritual Guide. 

Take the journey with me as your personal spiritual guide?

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After I contact you back we will discuss any questions you have about this service and the payment method that works best for you. 

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