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 I am Intuitive Guide Melody, and I have been doing spiritual services professionally since 2015, and before that it was to friends and family or when really divinely guided to. I work with many psychic abilities, but the strongest is Empathic and Claircognizance abilities. I am also a mediator between the divine realms and earth. So that means I can channel higher beings under mediumship. I take what I do very seriously and I would be honored if you placed your trust in me to be a spiritual guide to you. 

Consultation: Free

(Reach out to me to see if we vibe well or to inquire if I can assist with a specific situation)

15 Minutes: $30

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45 Minutes: $75

One Hour: $100

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Important Information Please Read It All

If you're interested in working one on one with me with my services please know that I work with intuitive energies through the divine. My aim is to be a bridge between the realms of the divine and here. I take this work very seriously and I hope you will too. Please do not contact me unless you're seriously interested. It takes a lot of energy and time to do this and my fees are the exchange for my time and energy to bridge with the divine. Payment methods will be discussed after you fill the form out below. I will proceed to contact you usually within a few hours, but at the most within 24 hours. From there we will discuss payment methods and how to get this process started. At the beginning of the session I will start the timer. I will let you know when the time is running out. If you want to purchase more time we will end the call so you can submit payment and then promptly resume and call. I do not offer refunds. During the call you can ask whatever you like that you need spiritual guidance on. I do request that you not ask me anything pertaining to predictions of death, medical, gambling, or medical. The following Disclaimer is Required by Law. The law says spiritual services are for entertainment purposes only. (However I hold a firm belief in what I do) Spiritual services should not be used in place of professional assistance. If you need medical, financial, legal, or mental health assistance, please seek out a professional in that field. Only persons over the age of 18 are permitted to sign up for my services. My working days are every week day. I reserve weekends to take care of other obligations. If you're interested in booking a session on a weekend please fill out the form and proceed, but our call will be schedules the following weekday. Also remember I take this very seriously. It is my aim to be honest with you, and I hope you will be honest with me. Please don't waste my time with telling me lies just to see if I will pick up on it. Please be up front with me as I aim to be up front with you. It is my aim is to be there for you as your Spiritual Guide. 

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