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Many are beginning to awaken to deeper depths of themselves, reality, and spirituality. They're beginning to rise from the confusion of the conditioning processes of depression and repression of our Soul Power. They're beginning to realize that they hold more strength, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge within then they have previously realized. This is the Global Awakening that you are participating in with your Spiritual Awakening Process. We are souls on a journey to find ourselves, to learn, discover, understand, seek, find, etc.


Spiritual Guidance Ascension Assistance

I thought to offer this as a way for me to try to assist others with their journey through the Spiritual journey through life. Especially when people go through spiritual awakenings, which can have many layers and depth. The spiritual awakening process may not always be about spiritual matters though. It includes our emotions and how to face and deal with issues that arise in our physical life. It is getting through trying times, and seeking the lessons from each situation, and trying to be aware of balancing your mind, body, and spirit throughout the entire process. I have realized in doing Psychic Readings for years that sometimes people aren't looking for predictions... what they at times need is a friend to listen and give some guidance which at times including some divinely guided messages. They seek someone to be there with them through their spiritual life issues or confusions. Someone they can talk to who won't judge them, and might be able to give an outside perspective. Many will seek spiritually open people, but not know where to turn to. This is why I thought to offer this to people, and my aim is to be there for you throughout your soul's journey through this life. I am an very into theology and work with the spirit realms, so I am not judging in matters such as spiritual beliefs as I am very eclectic. It is my quest to be an intuitive guide to you throughout your awakening process and beyond. 

What You Get:

  • Every weekday you will get a Divinely Guided message sent to you from the Divine Realms, your spirit guides, or whatever spirit group you desire.

  • Every weekday you can ask questions about anything that may be on your mind. So this is like little psychic readings every day on top of the Divinely Guided messages. 

  • Think of me like a spiritual guide to you throughout your spiritual journey.  My aim is to be there for you every day. So if any days you have a hard moment and need some spiritual advice, it is my aim to be there for you to give guidance, seek answers from the divine realms, or even to just listen. 

  • Gains you access to Oracle Card Reading Giveaways when I send free oracle card readings you'll be the first to get it.

  • Gains you access to giveaways of gifts when I send free gifts in the postal mail you'll be the first to qualify to get one. 

  • Gains you access to the Secret Sigils page. 

Price Per Month:

Monthly $100 

Payment methods will be discussed after you will the form out below and I will contact you. From there we will discuss payment methods. If you need to do payments then that can be arranged let me know and we will work it out. 

The following are ways we can communicate with one another after you have signed up.

Text (Usa)

Email (international)

Google Hangouts (International)

Facebook Messenger ( International)

Instagram Direct Messages ( International) 

Messages will be sent out every weekday. I reserve Weekends for cleansing off days, but if on any weekend you really need someone to talk to, I will respond as my aim is to be there for you as your Spiritual Guide. 

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